About Us

Our Story

Joseph McHugh’s Pub has been serving customers since 1899. In its early years, the Pub also functioned as a boarding house for guests.

It recently changed hands and is now owned by the Considines, a local family from the area who have had a long association with the McHugh family. It’s most famous proprietor was Joseph McHugh, who was known for his quirky sayings and quick wit. The fame of Joe and his pub was immortalised in a song by Dermot Kelly entitled “ The seven day licence of Joseph McHugh”. The song gives a colourful account of the original pub, its contents and Joseph’s love of greyhounds. The pub has had a long association with sport including golf, football, hurling and greyhound racing, and indeed Joseph kept greyhounds behind the pub.

The ethos of Joseph McHugh’s Pub has always included a warm welcome for patrons from far and near. Our family bought and restored the pub in 2015, with a view to recreating the warmth we experienced as customers and friends of the Mc Hugh family. We hope to continue the tradition of music, song and hospitality that we knew and loved.